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Trump comments put focus on Sweden's embrace of immigrants
HELSINKI (AP) -- When a riot broke out in a predominantly immigrant Stockholm suburb this week, the biggest surprise for many Swedes was that a police officer found it necessary to fire his gun....

Mass slaughter in Brazil prison exposes gang war over drugs
MANAUS, Brazil (AP) -- Shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve, hundreds of inmates watched from a Manaus prison yard as the sky lit up with fireworks, paid for by the gangs that dominate the jail system....

AP PHOTOS: Brazil's crowded prisons feed gangs, violence
BOA VISTA, Brazil (AP) -- First, dominate overcrowded prisons. Then, control the streets and international drug routes....

Police: Suspects in N. Korean death coated hands with poison
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- The two women suspected of fatally poisoning a scion of North Korea's ruling family were trained to coat their hands with toxic chemicals and then wipe them on his face, police in Malaysia said Wednesday, announcing they were seeking a North Korean diplomat in connection with the attack....

What killed Kim Jong Nam, who did it and why still not known
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- More than a week has passed since the North Korean leader's estranged half brother died in Malaysia, but what killed him, who instigated it and why are still unknown. Malaysian authorities have identified several suspects in the death of Kim Jong Nam, but many questions remain....

South African court rules ICC withdrawal unconstitutional
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- A South African court ruled Wednesday that the government's decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court without parliament's approval was unconstitutional....

Iraqi Shiite militias push to take villages west of Mosul
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq's government-sanctioned paramilitary forces, made up mainly of Shiite militiamen, launched a new push Wednesday to capture villages west of the city of Mosul from Islamic State militants, officials said....

Egypt activist out of prison but still only half free
CAIRO (AP) -- It's that time of day - just before 6 p.m. to be exact - when Ahmed Maher must leave his family and spend the night in a tiny room in the local police station. It's a grim routine that will likely define the life of the iconic "revolutionary" for the next three years....

New hope for Yazidi women raped and tortured by IS fighters
DOHUK, Iraq (AP) -- It's been less than two weeks since Perwin Ali Baku escaped the Islamic State group, after more than two years in captivity, bought and sold from fighter to fighter and carted from Iraq to Syria and then back again....

End of the euro? French candidate plots return of the franc
PARIS (AP) -- If Marine Le Pen has her way, the French will soon pay for their baguettes with francs, not euros....

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What killed Kim Jong Nam, who did it and why still not known

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AP PHOTOS: Brazil's crowded prisons feed gangs, violence

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Frenchman who signed Arabic terrorism confession appeals